How to Use This Website

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Color/Full is an agent for building community. Anyone can participate with the project   including you. 

Refer to this instruction manual to receive an optimal experience from Color/Full.

A. Witness.
There are 123 stories in total, divided into Gallery One and Gallery Two. Visit at least 10 stories for a full experience.

B. Reflect.
With each story you visit, take a minute or two for deep, critical thought. Allow yourself to wonder: what can I learn from this person and their story?

C. Connect.
Our 123 storytellers were asked two questions.

1. "What are your goals while you're at General Assembly this week?"

2. "What gifts do you have to offer our Unitarian Universalist faith?"

Identify storytellers who share similar goals as you. Identify storytellers who have gifts that could benefit your community. If there is any storyteller you'd like to meet,  contact me. I am happy to make an introduction, if the storyteller gives their permission.

D. Appreciate.
Give meaningful gratitude to all of the Color/Full participants. Our stories –our lived experiences– are sacred.