meet cameron

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cameron whitten is a proud Queer and Black activist who has lived in Portland since 2009. He first arrived in Portland as a homeless youth, and later became a community advocate, storyteller, and civic entrepreneur. His drive for social change has led him to be involved in a diversity of civic issues, from affordable housing, to anti-racism, and government accountability. He is a public figure known for running for political office and and organizing a 55 day hunger strike for housing justice in 2012.

He has almost a decade of leadership with nonprofit, civic, arts, and political causes, such as Occupy Portland, Know Your City, Portland’s Resistance, and Brown Hope. In 2017, Whitten founded multimedia and leadership development business, Streams of Resistance LLC. He regularly organizes presentations as a motivational speaker and facilitates equity and inclusion workshops. Whitten currently serves on the Board of Directors for Reach Community Development and Pioneer Courthouse Square, Inc.

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(503) 890-5716.